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Checking IDs from the U.S. or Canada can be tricky, but when it comes to international driver’s licenses and ID cards, the odds are against catching frauds… unless you have the INTERNATIONAL I.D. Checking Guide. This Guide enables you to make accurate, on-the-spot verifications, even when the license is in a language foreign to you.

Foreign travelers, immigrants, and guest workers are a growing part of today’s economy, and criminal elements take advantage of any unfamiliar ID. This Guide covers 175 countries with full-color samples of IDs, and all the details for complete protection. (U.S. and Canadian IDs are covered in the U.S. & Canada edition.)

You’ll find over 570 IDs covered, from Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, and Oceania. At least a full page is reserved for each country’s documents. You’ll find it easy to check the codes and security features to verify ID check driving license validity.

This 360 page, compact, 6" x 9" Guide, organized from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe for fingertip access, includes a special 32-page section on the 32 states of Mexico. Comprehensive and easy to use, the Guide is the choice of banking, law enforcement, tourism, car rental, and retailers for checking driving licenses and IDs worldwide.

The INTERNATIONAL I.D. Checking Guide closes the circle on ID fraud when combined with the I.D. Checking Guide, U.S. & Canada Edition. From access control, financial transactions, tourism, or basic verification of ID, security and confidence come from accurately verifying ID worldwide. Used by some of the biggest organizations (Citibank, U.S. State Department) and some of the smallest (USC Credit Union, Tavern of Tales). Single copy price is $48.00, with excellent quantity discounts. (Example: 500 copies cost just $26.50 each.)

The INTERNATIONAL I.D. Checking Guide is available to appropriate businesses, government agencies, and sworn law enforcement officers.