Your First Line of Defense Against ID Fraud!




Underage drinking, driving, and use of tobacco are key areas for ID control. Every contact point—from entrances to service counters—can be protected with our low-cost Guides. Security features, like UV, holograms, and other security techniques, provide in-depth checks when needed. The Guides are proven to reduce litigation and risk of license suspensions and other regulatory issues.

Ease of use and avoidance of controversial scanning and database capture makes the Guide effective for all businesses. Protect your operations with the low-cost Guides, and verify ID at every location.



From FTO programs to field investigations, the I.D. Checking Guides provide the ID knowledge needed for effective law enforcement. Quick reference checks show the license numbering and security features that indicate valid documents. Compact size makes these full-color, printed Guides perfect for field use.

The U.S. Identification Manual protects at the dispatcher or department level, and the online subscription makes expert ID checking available to everyone in the department, including mobile units.



Stopping check-cashing fraud requires valid ID, even with a credit card as backup. Knowing the valid formats of the state-issued IDs is the first step to proper control. Closer evaluation is possible with the quick access to the security features that protect each license format. Our Guides protect from ID losses, while making it possible to accept out-of-state checks with confidence.

And our references support anti-money laundering statutes, Red Flags Rule, and other efforts to control ID theft. Portable and compact, the Guides can be placed close by, ready for instant reference. Our online references serve larger companies through IP address-controlled Internet references.



Whether for initial screening or final ID check, verifying ID is important. By reducing inappropriate employment applications, time is saved and later errors or litigation averted. Our references are quick and easy-to-use, with clear indication of the security features that help to verify ID.

Low-cost references make it possible to protect every employment location, using either the printed Guides or our online services. Immigration card coverage helps with stand-alone HR efforts, or with using E-Verify. Valid state-issued IDs, Canadian documents, and federal documents used in I-9 verification are covered.



Access control needs vary, from fast-paced ID checks at building entrances, to points where individuals are screened, to issuance of credentials or equipment. Whatever the purpose, our references are designed to stop ID fraud with low-cost reference at any and all locations.

The Guides are quick to use, and indicate the security features that help verify ID, whether for securing buildings and airports, assisting in border control, controlling access to military bases, or for TSA purposes. The portable and low-cost Guide allows coverage at each key location.



Counter locations need ID checks for credit card use and for accepting checks. Car rental, alcohol sales, and tobacco retailers are concerned that the customer is “of proper age.” Other retailers must verify ID before issuing products (cell phones) or equipment (car and equipment rental).

Our Guides provide the necessary reference to make ID checks complete, including the details of security features for proper control. Low cost and portable, you can put the Guides to work at every location.