Your First Line of Defense Against ID Fraud!
5 Steps

How to Check ID in 5 Steps

Does the photo match the person?

Is the facial bone structure, ears and eyebrows consistent between the photo and the individual?


Check the license:

Is the ID expired? Is it vertical, indicating a minor’s license. Does the typeset match? Is there evidence of tampering?


Is the license format still valid in the issuing state?

Does it contain UV images? Use your UV light to check those UV images. Train yourself on the IDs you see most often, reference the "I.D. Checking Guide" when in doubt.


Check for details that validate the license:

Do the licenses you see most often have a ghost image? Duplicate photo? State seal? Is there a hologram on the license? What is the license numbering system for that state?


Train, Train, Train:

The liabilities incurred by fraudulent IDs are not only financial, but in many cases criminal. A well-trained person is your best protection against fraud.